I Stole a Lot of Money!

Baby I got somethin' to tell you... We made a movie this weekend!

For the first time since the halcyon days of film school, Andrew, Marcus, and I competed in the Four Points Film Project (formerly the National Film Challenge)! Similar to the 48 Hour Film Project (actually, they're both run by the same people), teams are given a genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue. Unlike the 48HFP, however, teams all around the world are competing concurrently. This means that the entire process from kickoff to turn-in was 100% online! It's the future, guys!

On Friday night, Marcus used the impressive and more-than-a-little-bit-scary powers of the internet to write us a great script from Columbus, and the Minneapolis-based crew hit it hard in the morning, running all over beautiful Nicollet Island to film one of the most ludicrously happy things we've ever made. The film features our friend and star of past Jackets films YODO! and All's Chair in Love and War, Emily King, as well as James Griffin, a local talent we've been dying to work with! (They are both very good dancers, as you will see.)

And before you watch this little gem, a warning: our best friend and beard-owner Reed Reimer (composer of almost all our scores since Limpwings) wrote a song that will be stuck in your head for days. It's all over the place in this movie. It's about how great money is. It will make you want to spend that money to buy his single online. You've been warned.

Our required elements from the good wizards at the Four Points Film Project were:

Genre: Comedy

Character: Martin Burley, ATM Technician

Line of Dialogue: "I heard you the first time."

Prop: A balloon.

Without further ado, here's "I Stole a Lot of Money!"

I hope you enjoyed watching it almost as much as we enjoyed making it! Share it with your friends!

The movie is currently being judged by the Four Points people. Once they are done deliberating, the top 15 films will be posted online for public judgement. If we make the cut, we'll let you all know! Until then, remember that there's more to life than money, but until this damn song gets out of my head I'm finding it hard to figure out what it is.

Love, Eric

Great Faces! Great Places!

Hey folks! Andrew here...

This last weekend, Eric and I drove back to my old stomping grounds for the Eighth Annual South Dakota Film Festival! This is the second year Two Jackets has attended the fest to support a film of ours. Last year our film, You Only Die Once!, took home the award for Best Comedy Short at the fest. This year, we attended to represent our electrifying superhero comedy, Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes...!

This fest holds a special significance to me. I grew up near the city of Aberdeen, which hosts the festival, and visited frequently over the years. Both this year and last, we stayed at my uncle's house - also his and my mother's childhood home - which brings a lot of history back to mind. The experiences of the last two festivals have become part of that history, creating a sort of bridge between my past and present. I wouldn't consider myself a pessimist, but maybe that's was Rust Cohle meant by the flat circle of time. Or not!

Weird philosophies aside, this year's fest was fantastic! The fest's producers, including ringmasters Tom Black and Brent Brandt, don't believe in separating the celebration from the cinema. They treat their guests like royalty, and the filmmaker attendance shows it. Over half of the 70+ films screened were represented, which meant Eric and I not only saw a whole bunch of movies, we got to meet and party with the folks who made 'em! We were especially excited to meet the producers of DESTROYER, who have been making films in South Dakota with actual budgets; Adolfo Martinez Perez, a Hollywood storyboard artist who's worked on notable movies like Oblivion and Terminator Salvation; and the producer of Fort Tilden, the Brooklyn-set winner of the South By Southwest 2014 Grand Jury Award! Eric and I spent most of our drive home on Sunday processing everything we'd learned from these talented and gracious folks. Our summation: making movies is hard and stuff.

We had the additional pleasure of chatting with the students, faculty, and fellow alums of our alma mater, Minnesota State University Moorhead. Our professor, Tom "T-Bone" Brandau, screened his latest short, Home Delivery, which features performances by Eric and me; our pal Conor Holt screened his excellent sci-fi short, A Better Life, which also played at Fantasia in Montreal earlier this year; and we caught a few impressive MSUM student-produced projects, too! A couple of the student films even featured performances by one of Two Jackets' favorite collaborators, Bill Dablow!

Photo by Conor Holt

Photo by Conor Holt

Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes... screened on Sunday afternoon, and we were quite pleased with the response the film received. It was an exclamation point at the end of an already rather exciting weekend! The positive reception garnered by the film has us excited to continue its life on the festival circuit. Look out genre-fests, Lizzy Lectric is on her way!

This upcoming weekend, Two Jackets will be facing the spooky/scary trials of the Minneapolis 48 Hour Horror Film Project. If we survive the terror, we'll be back to tell the tale. Keep the lights on 'til then, won't you?

2014: The year of the film challenge

We're happy to announce that Two Jackets Productions will be participating in not one, not three, but TWO filmmaking competitions in the month of October! That brings us up to FIVE for 2014. Whoa!

I know what you're asking yourself, "Hey dicks, after doing Z-Fest, 48HFP Minneapolis, and 48HFP Columbus, what other film challenges could you possibly be involved in?" Well, I'm glad you asked. First up on the first weekend of October is the 48 Hour Film Horror Project! It's just like the regular 48 except it HAS TO BE A HORROR FILM! Obviously, this is awesome. Marcus will be in Minneapolis to write and Andrew will be directing. We're all really excited to do something a little different and decidedly un-Two-Jacketsy! Stay tuned!

The second challenge, you ask? For the first time since our college days, we will be participating in the Four Points Film Project (formerly the National Film Challenge)! The rules for FPFP are similar to the 48HFP, except we have 72 hours to complete the film instead of 48! That's like... twice as much time or something! The competition kicks off the last weekend of October. I'll be directing this project, with Marcus writing remotely via science, and Andrew producing and AD-ing. Forecasts are indicating that it will be "bomb." I've been promised that "bomb" is a youthful colloquialism meaning "a good thing," which means I'm suddenly very excited! 

We'll be posting after each weekend to let you know how the competitions went and to post video links! Until then, stay classy!



The online presence of Two Jackets Productions has been, in a word, neglected. We've been jumping around from blog to blog, trying out different avenues of hosting, and have been utterly underdeveloped in the website department. Now, however, we may have finally found something that works: SQUARESPACE.

Okay, so we're late to the party here. You've all known about Squarespace forever, and we've finally picked up on the trail. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the site is all here now! All of our old posts will be copied over and backdated onto this newly built site so that you can enjoy all our wisdom and witticisms until the end of time. Enjoy!

With love,


NOW ONLINE: The Home Office

You thought Keeping Up with the Cloneses was Two Jackets Productions latest 48 Hour Film?  Think again!  Shortly after moving to Ohio, Marcus did a 48 Hour Film solo.  While "The Home Office" features remote performances over the phone and on Skype, everything else was shot by Marcus himself.  There was a lot of setting up a camera and running in front of it, as well as adding shake in post to make it look like he had a camera operator.  It was a fun experiment in a different sort of filmmaking.  See if you can spot Andrew and Eric in the video!

The film has also been selected to screen this Thursday, September 4th at 7:00 PM at Studio 35 in Columbus, as part of the Best of the 48 Hour Film Project showing for the city.  If you're in the area, stop on by!  If not, check out the film above.  Marcus will be back with an update this Friday on how the "Best of" screening went.  He's honored to be a part of it!

Where's Marcus?

This summer I moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue my dream of writing full-time. 

“That’s great, Marcus!” you say.  “How did you find a full-time job writing?” 

To which I say, “I didn’t!  I’m working on some spec projects and attempting to get into a writing development or graduate program.”

“Oh,” you say, and then avoid eye contact until someone comes by and changes the subject.

So, what am I doing in Columbus?  Is this the end of Two Jackets!? 

I’m writing, of course, and this is far from the end of Two Jackets.  In fact, we’re hard at work preparing another feature film script.  I’ve blocked out most of September to work on the first draft.  Additionally, I’ll be driving up to Minneapolis to work with Andrew on the Minneapolis 48 Hour Horror Project this October.

While we may now be in different time zones, Andrew, Eric, and I have lots of exciting plans for the future of Two Jackets Productions, and we’re excited to share them with you as they come to pass!

Stay tuned!

Turn off your buffalo phone!

These immortalized words can only mean one thing: Two Jackets is going back to the South Dakota Film Festival!

2014 SDFF Laurels.jpg

This year's fest will be held September 24-28 in Aberdeen (the Hub City!) Eric and I will be in attendance to support our electrifying superhero comedy, Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes…! The South Dakota screening is especially exciting because we will be premiering the extended festival cut of the film, which presents Lizzy Lectric’s story as we originally intended. The new material fully develops the soul of the movie, thanks in huge part to the sincerity and hilarity of our cast’s work. Some new music from rhythm-writer Reed Reimer and more post-production wizardry from Master Carlson elevate this new cut into a special experience. We can’t wait to share it with you!

If you’ve never been to SDFF, I highly recommend it. Last year was my first year in attendance, and I had an absolute blast. The fest’s organizers know how to treat their guests right, with entertaining and eclectic programming and plenty of food, beverage, and hootenanny at the after parties (which go until dawn). I love my home state, and I’m incredibly proud that it hosts such a welcoming fest, celebrating the art form I love in its incredibly diverse and fantastically weird glory.

There is indeed something happening in the middle of nowhere, and I’ll see you there!


NOW ONLINE: You Only Die Once!

That’s right! Our horror comedy, You Only Die Once!, is now online, just in time for the spooky/scary Halloween season.

This story of zombie-burdened ex-lovers holds a dear place in the twisted recesses of my heart. With this project, I wanted to experiment with some of the more wild and kinetic cinematic techniques, including split-screen, Dutch angles, and – my personal favorite – ZOOMS! In the projects that followed, Eric and Marcus have tried their damnedest to break me of my zoom addiction. They mostly succeeded, but I've gotten a few in there and yearn for the next opportunity! (Perhaps in our Minneapolis 48 Hour Horror Project entry?! MWAHAHA!!!)

Don't worry. I get it. Zooms don’t belong in everything. We devised YODO’s story as a foundation for such techniques, which is a backwards way of doing things, but hey, it worked! The whole project was an exercise in melodrama, and we had a helluva-lotta fun doing it. 

So if you're in need of a laugh right about now, check it out. The film kills every time we screen it - in more ways than one! (Uh oh, look out!)