"You Only Die Once!" featured on Ain't It Cool News!

The past few days have been pretty good to us Jackets.

Firstly, as we previously posted, we’ve been placed in the top 20 finalists for the Four Points Film Project, which is an international competition with well over 100 teams participating. If you haven’t already, we’d greatly appreciate your vote for the Audience Awards. Just visit our film "I Stole a Lot of Money!" on Vimeo and like it!

Nextly, some new, and rather cool, news. Our film “You Only Die Once!” has been featured on the one-and-only Ain’t It Cool News as part of their weekly Saturday Shorts column!

This is huge for us. I’ve been reading Ain’t It Cool for years; it still has a place in my exclusive bookmarks bar to this day. The site played a big part in deepening my love for cinema during high school and college. It’s a place where geeks can go to shout loudly and proudly about the stuff they love. I’ve sought out so many movies based on recommendations from AICN contributors like Mr. Beaks, Capone, and Quint, working over the years to further establish my geek cred. Having our film listed there – in the hallowed house of the Head Geek himself, Mr. Harry Knowles – is truly an honor.

The Saturday Shorts column has been curated and compiled for the last couple of years by AICN contributor Muldoon. AICN readers submit their work and if Muldoon likes it, he posts it to the column. This is the first time we’ve submitted to Saturday Shorts, and YODO seemed like the perfect choice. It was largely inspired by the types of films we’ve read about on AICN over the years, like the works of Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright. Thanks to Muldoon for featuring us! You can bet we’ll be submitting more work to the column in the future.


Vote for the Four Points Film Project Audience Award Winner!

Two Jackets Productions' entry in the 2014 Four Points Film Project, "I Stole A Lot Of Money!" has been nominated for an Audience Choice Award!  We're honored to have been selected as one of the top twenty films in this worldwide competition.

Voting runs through November 23rd on Vimeo.com, and the award will be given to the film that has the most likes.  This means you'll need to sign up for a Vimeo account to vote, but we have it on good authority that people who vote in this competition are all extremely smart, good-looking, and successful, so we are sure you'll be able to sign up and vote... you clever, hot, success, you.

If we win we'll be awarded $1000 dollars and our film will be screened at Filmapalooza 2015 in Hollywood (along with our Minneapolis 48HFP winner, Keeping up with the Cloneses)!  We'll probably give the money to people who need it, like us, or we'll strap the cash onto balloons and trust in their judgement.